Where are my annotation and blackboarding PDF files saved on CSE-800?

Article number: [4153] - Legacy code: [KB4993]

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Since CSE-800 firmware v1.2, annotation and blackboarding were introduced.

The annotation and blackboarding PDF files can be saved to 2 different locations:
  • to the C:\Users\username\Documents\Clickshare_downloads\ folder on Windows or /Users/username/Documents/Clickshare_downloads/ folder on Mac of a computer that has a button plugged in and connected to the CSE-800.
  • to the root of a usb stick that has been plugged into the CSE-800
If both are connected at the same time, the annotation will be saved to all. 
In order for the annotation to be saved, there needs to be at least one of the above connected.


Last updated Jun 14 2022

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