Unable to connect my ClickShare Conference Base Unit to XMS cloud

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With ClickShare Conference, we are introducing a new setup procedure for the ClickShare Base Units. This procedure is meant to:

  1. Activation: set the official start date of the product 1-year default warranty
  2. Update the Base Unit to the latest firmware
  3. Set up the SmartCare Service Contract

For your convenience, we have made these steps as easy and minimal as possible. More information on the setup procedure can be found here: [KB12715]

This KB item will focus on troubleshooting common issues encountered in the third stage of the first time setup: Setting up the SmartCare Service Contract by adding the device to the XMS cloud.

More information on what is SmartCare and why you should add your device to the XMS cloud to activate it can be found here: [KB11157] 

Troubleshooting when the Base Unit cannot be added to the XMS cloud

When setting up the device for the first time, the screen below is what you should after the device has searched for and installed the latest firmware update. In case you have issues with the first step, please consult [KB11153] for troubleshooting.

  • This screen does not appear, all I see is a black screen
    There is a known issue in the system that if you power up the device without an HDMI cable connected, nothing will be displayed on the screen. Power cycle the device with the HDMI cable connected to see this screen.
  • The aspect ratio is wrong or not all information is shown on the screen
    This is a known issue and will be fixed soon. If this does not cause any issues reading the information on the screen, you can continue the setup procedure without problems. If not, we advise using screens with standard resolutions (e.g. 1080p, 4K) to set up the device
  • Device token or URL is not shown on the splash screen
    Make sure your device is connected to the internet. If not shown, power rebooting the device will resolve the issue.

  • My Base Unit says it cannot connect to the XMS cloud.
    This can have different causes. Two error screens can appear when the connection to the XMS cloud fails. They are given below:
    • No network cable connected:

      This screen is shown when no active network cable is connected to the Base Unit. Plug in a working Ethernet cable into your Base Unit to proceed. 

      Note that the use of the wireless client mode to connect to a wireless network in order to set up the device is currently not supported.
    • Unable to connect to the XMS cloud when network cable is connected

      When an active network cable is detected, but the Base Unit cannot reach the Barco servers for any reason, the screen above will be displayed. There might be various reasons why this screen is shown, we will list the most common ones below:
      • No access to the internet
        Make sure that the Base Unit is connected to a network cable with an active internet connection. Note: this is only needed for the initial setup of the Base Unit.
      • Firewall settings are blocking access to the Barco servers
        All required ports and settings to set up your ClickShare Base Units are detailed in the Network Deployment Whitepaper. Following ports and domains should be whitelisted in your firewall:
        • Base Unit Connection to XMS cloud: an outbound TCP connection on port 443 to *.azure-devices.net
        • Note that your personal device will require the following connections to the internet to access the XMS cloud: TCP Port 443 to xms.cloud.barco.com and TCP Port 443 to *.barco.com (login/xms.cloud.barco.com)
      • Need to configure wired network authentication
        Configuring wired network authentication on the Base Unit is currently not supported. Please contact your IT department to get a temporary exemption or temporarily use a network without wired network authentication
    • If the above items did not resolve your issue, you can temporarily skip the registration by following the instructions on the wallpaper below the line. A detailed description of the actions is given below. Make sure to also follow the instructions in the note to still activate your SmartCare service package.
  • I added my device into the XMS cloud, but this screen does not change.
    Make sure the base unit is still connected to the internet.
    If it is still connected to the internet, follow the instructions below the line (a detailed description of the actions is given below). If the device has been added to the XMS cloud, please ignore the warning about not being eligible for SmartCare. We recommend power cycle the device at the end of the setup so that it can do a final attempt to connect to the XMS cloud.

    Note that in case the unit was not able to connect to the XMS cloud or was disconnected from the network or internet, once the device will be able to connect to the XMS cloud again, it might take over the settings configured in the XMS cloud.
  • I do not want or am not allowed to add this device to the XMS cloud.

    Note: Are you installing this device for someone else? please have a look here: [KB11158]

    If for any reason you do not want to add your device to the XMS cloud, you can skip this step by following the instructions below the line on the screen:
    • Change the Wi-Fi connection of your personal device to the Base Unit: Select the SSID shown on the screen
    • The password for this connection is given on the wallpaper. By default, this is clickshare
    • Then open your preferred web browser and surf to the given IP address. By default, this is

      Note: Due to the self-signed certificate on the HTTPS address, you might need to dismiss the browser's warning before being able to continue. This warning is normal, and continuing will not compromise the security of your Base Unit, installation, network or personal device. More info on this can be found in the ClickShare Security whitepaper.

    • Accept the EULA in the interface
    • Read the message and press the "skip registration" button at the bottom right of the page

Note: Activation of the SmartCare Service package is a one time action. After adding the device to the XMS cloud, there is no obligation to keep the unit connected to the XMS cloud, although we would strongly recommend it.

Note2: Activation of the SmartCare Service Package can still be done within 6 months after the first time setup. Your token remains valid for that period of time and can also be found in the web Configurator of your device. For more information on where to find this information, please see [KB11157]

  • I cannot add my device to the XMS cloud

    An error is given when entering the token in the XMS cloud. In case this happens, please refer to [KB11156]


Last updated Jun 28 2022

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