QAWeb Agent QAWeb for DIN 6868-157 and MXRT driver Control Panel do not start on Windows 10 version 1903

Article number: [5001] - Legacy code: [KB9556]

This article applies to the following products:

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Affected products

  • QAWeb Agent v1.13.18 or lower
  • MXRT display drivers v10.143.3.1 or lower
  • QAWeb for DIN 6868-157 version 1.2.7 or lower


All of the following conditions must be met for the issue to happen:

  • Windows 10 build 1903 is installed.
  • QAWeb Agent, QAWeb for DIN 6868-157 or MXRT driver versions mentioned above are installed.
  • At least one third-party display controller (such as NVidia or AMD)
    • If in combination with an MXRT display controller, the MXRT driver control panel as well as QAWeb Agent will not start up.
  • At least one display is attached to the third-party display controller.


QAWeb Agent:

  • The user interface does not start up, no splash screen is shown. No feedback at all.
  • The background client does not start up either which results in background tasks not being executed and potential 'Workstation Connectivity Issues' on QAWeb Server for connected QAWeb Agents.

Barco MXRT driver control panel:

  • The control panel does not start.

QAWeb for DIN 6868-157:

  • The user interface does not start.

Root cause

A Windows function which we use in our Barco Healthcare software libraries hangs when called in Windows 10 build 1903. For more information, see:

Since these libraries are shared among the applications listed above, all of these applications are affected at once.


Remove the third-party display controller from the system or disconnect any displays connected to this third-party display controller and connect them to a Barco MXRT display controller. 


QAWeb Agent:

From QAWeb Agent version 1.13.19 onwards this issue is fixed and available for download from myBarco or the MediCal QAWeb Server.


  1. In most cases, the update of QAWeb Agent to the upcoming version 1.13.19 version will work and fix the problem. One case has been identified where the update will fail with an error message:
    • On a Windows 10 build 1903, a fresh installation of QAWeb Agent is performed. If you try to upgrade this QAWeb Agent to version 1.13.19, you will get an error message. In this case, an uninstall of the old QAWeb Agent and a fresh install of QAWeb Agent version 1.13.19 is required. Note that no data will be lost during this action because QAWeb Agent never managed to start up and collect data in this case.
  2. An update of QAWeb Agent to version 1.13.19 will only fix the issues encountered with QAWeb Agent. If you encounter issues with QAWeb for DIN 6868-157 or the MXRT display driver control panel, these products shall be updated as well.

QAWeb for DIN 6868-157:

From QAWeb for DIN 6868-157 version 1.2.6 onwards this issue is fixed and available for download from myBarco. Note that you must be logged in to myBarco and your country settings must be set to either Germany, Austria or Switzerland to see the download link. 

Note: Please consult KB9700 to start the latest QAWeb DIN Software again without losing any previous data (acceptance test, half-yearly constancy, daily constancy reports)

MXRT display driver:

From MXRT display driver version onwards this issue is fixed and available for download myBarco:



Last updated Jun 14 2022

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