I can't connect to my ClickShare Wi-Fi

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In this KB you can find some basic troubleshooting steps for if you cannot connect to the ClickShare Wi-Fi network. 

The troubleshooting mentioned below is only applicable if the Base Unit is configured in standalone mode.

ClickShare SSID is not visible

By default, the ClickShare SSID is visible. If the SSID is hidden (option Broadcast SSID is disabled in the Base Unit WebUI) you can still connect to the ClickShare Wi-Fi, but the method depends on the operating system of your device. You can find instructions for your operating system online.

ClickShare SSID is only shown when the ClickShare Base Unit's Wi-Fi has not been turned off. 

For more information see I can't see my ClickShare Wi-Fi.

No Wi-Fi connectivity with Base Unit

Ensure correct SSID (Base Unit Wi-Fi) is selected (default is ClickShare-<serial base number>) from the network list

Example: Windows

Example: macOS

Base Unit weak Wi-Fi signal strength 
  • Wireless congestion: Use wireless network scan tools to look for free or the least congested channels. You can select a new channel from the ClickShare configurator
  • Base Unit placed is at a farther distance: Move the Base Unit closer to the meeting room
  • Physical Obstruction: Remove or limit as much as possible all unnecessary objects blocking the Base Unit Wi-Fi
  • Antenna orientation: Reorient the Base Unit antennas
Network SSID is visible but not able to connect
  • Incorrect password: Ensure a correct password is entered for connecting to the Wi-Fi network of your Base Unit. The default Wi-Fi password is clickshare.
    In case unable to connect, reset the password (or contact your administrator to do this). Password can be reset in the Base Unit WebUI.
    When setting a custom password in the Base Unit WebUI please keep in mind that only ASCII characters are supported and that the passwords are case sensitive.
  • If you are using a mobile device, check settings on the Base Unit WebUI. (Or contact your administrator to do this)
    • Incorrect Wi-Fi Settings: Ensure correct frequency band is selected and also check the compatibility of your mobile device with the ClickShare Wi-Fi, 
      ClickShare Base Units can operate in either the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band, except for the CSE-800 that has concurrent dual-band Wi-Fi. See I can't see my ClickShare Wi-Fi.
    • Mobile Device Settings disabled: Check the settings (Wi-Fi & Networks > Services) on your Base Unit WebUI and ensure that mobile services are enabled (or contact your administrator to do this)
    • Security level set to level 3: Change the security settings (Security > Security Level) to level 1 or level 2 on your Base Unit WebUI  (or consult your administrator to do this) according to your company security policy. See How to choose the security levels on ClickShare.

If you have tried all the above troubleshooting steps and still not able to connect to the ClickShare Wi-Fi, reboot the Base Unit.


Last updated Jan 16 2023

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