I can't see my ClickShare Wi-Fi

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This article guides you with some basic troubleshooting steps for if you cannot see the ClickShare wireless SSID


Please make sure that:

  • The Base Unit is switched ON
  • The Wi-Fi of the device you are using is switched ON
  • The Base Unit is broadcasting its Wi-Fi check the ClickShare wallpaper
    ClickShare SSID (label 1) and its wireless IP address (label 2) should be visible, for more information see How to connect to your ClickShare Base Unit Wi-Fi

    ClickShare Wallpaper
  • Option Enable over LAN is enabled in the settings on the ClickShare Configurator (WebUI) to be able to detect the Base Unit over the corporate network with mobile devices or the ClickShare app in case the Base Unit is connected to the network. In the WebUI navigate to Wi-Fi & Network > Services > Mobile Devices

    Example: Enabling over LAN settings in CS-100

    With the release of firmware version 1.9.1., option Enable over LAN has been removed from the Base Unit WebUI. See ClickShare v1.9.1 features & Notes.

  • Check the compatibility of the used hardware with the ClickShare Wi-Fi, as not all hardware has the capability to work on 5 GHz Wi-Fi channels
    ClickShare Base Units operate in either the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency band, except for the CSE-800 that has concurrent dual-band Wi-Fi.

For mobile devices, the following specific guidelines should be followed


  • Only iPhone 5 and upwards support 5GHz Wi-Fi channels
  • Only iPad2 and upwards support 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • Set the frequency in the Base Unit to 2.4 GHz for connecting with the older device


Most modern Android smartphone supports a smart Wi-Fi switcher. This enables the Wi-Fi connection when a network with internet access is detected and switches to a data connection (3G/4G) when no Wi-Fi can be found. In case the message Error, host unknown is shown, please check your mobile device follow the steps below.

The solution may vary depending on your phone or tablet.

  1. Close the ClickShare app and go to settings, Wi-Fi and select the ClickShare Wi-Fi network of your Base Unit (or swipe down from the top on the home screen and long-press the Wi-Fi icon)
  2. If you have been connected before, select 'forget network'
    Otherwise, connect and enter the default password clickshare
  3. Pay attention to your notification center
    You will receive a 'Wi-Fi has no Internet access. Touch for options' notification
    Touch the notification and set 'stay connected' to "YES"
  4. In the ClickShare app, the Base Unit should now be detected

When the internal Wi-Fi hotspot of the base unit is disabled (typically in network integration mode), the Base Unit cannot be accessed in a point-to-point manner. Connect to the corporate wireless network to connect to the Base Unit.


More details about the network integration options and security modes can be found in the ClickShare Network Integration whitepaper. This whitepaper can be found on the product page Technical Support > Manuals' Drawings & Documentation. A direct link to this whitepaper can be found at the bottom of this article.



Last updated Jan 16 2023

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