ClickShare v1.9.1 features & Notes

Article number: [5781] - Legacy code: [KB10955]

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New features include:
  • ClickShare Desktop App available on the ClickShare Button
    • Application sharing: Allow user to work on notes during their presentation
  • Bluetooth beaconing (CSE-200, CSE-200+ & CSE-800): Allows apple devices to discover ClickShare Base Unit over Bluetooth


    This is not an alternative nor sharing over Bluetooth, this is simply a network discovery alternative!

  • Miracast MICE (CSE-200+): To avoid increased usage of the wireless spectrum. Using the existing corporate infrastructure to share with the same experience as before.
  • HDMI input as a signage player (CSE-200+ & CSE-800): Display signage content when the nobody is using the ClickShare in the meeting room
    • Simply connect the source you want to show to the HDMI input on your CSE-200+ or CSE-800
    • The only thing left, in the ClickShare Configurator, make sure the screensaver is selected to use the input and after what time it should activate. Done!
  • UniSee span mode (CSE-800)
    • Use the dual HDMI outputs to drive one canvas with up to 2 times 4K resolution
    • Easily set up via the ClickShare Configurator in the Display pane
Important notes to consider before upgrading 
  • This update is a minimal version and does not allow downgrading to any version below v1.9.1 after installation.
  • Guidance with regards to the new and updated integration options can be found in our Network Integration Guide and the respective product manuals.

Content sharing over the LAN is now enabled by default. Option Enable over LAN has been removed from the Base Unit WebUI. 


Last updated Jun 14 2022

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