Miracast P2P on CSE-200+: Video tutorial

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Video tutorial

This video tutorial guides you How to use Miracast application to share your laptop with the meeting room display.


Miracast is the standard for wirelessly connecting devices to the display. Miracast comes built-in to the Windows 10 and you can use it to connect your Windows 10 laptop to the ClickShare  CSE-200+ Base Unit to share your screen with the meeting room display.

How to share using Miracast
  1. Display the project menu on your laptop by pressing Windows+P keyword or the relevant function key on your laptop.
  2. Click Connect to a wireless display link in the project menu.
  3. Click on the CSE-200+ Base Unit or the meeting room display you would like to connect.
    Your screen is shared on the meeting room display.
  4. Share static content (such as images, and files) or Dynamic content (such as apps, webpages, and videos) or anything displayed on your laptop screen can be shared. 
How to use Extended screen
  • To use the extended screen, click Extend in the project menu.
How to stop sharing
  • To stop sharing, click Disconnect in the project menu.

If you can't connect your laptop to the Miracast application, check with your Administrator that Mircast is enabled and ClickShare Base Unit you are connecting is CSE-200+


Last updated Jun 14 2022

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