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How to activate network integration

Article number: [5926] - Legacy code: [5026]

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Some companies prefer not to use ClickShare’s built-in wireless system – for security or corporate policy reasons. For them, Barco has developed a network integration option. Check out how it works and how to activate it in this video (only for firmware version up until v1.7.1).


From firmware v1.8.0 onwards, network integration has been updated in the ClickShare configurator. See  [KB9734] for how it works.

The different network integration options can be found in [KB7931]


More details on ClickShare network integration and ClickShare security can be found in the ClickShare Network Integration whitepaper and ClickShare Security whitepaper respectively. These whitepapers can be found on the product page Technical Support > Manuals' Drawings & Documentation. A direct link to these whitepapers can also be found at the bottom of this article.


Last updated Jun 14, 2022