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ClickShare Conference and Lightware Switchers

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ClickShare Conference (CX-20, CX-30, CX-50) in combination with Lightware UCX (4x2-HC30, 2x1-HC30, 2x2-H30) USB and HDMI Switchers can solve multiple use cases whereby e.g., multiple devices need to use the same USB peripherals, or these devices want to share content to the same display. While the USB and HDMI switching on itself works without problems, the complexity is mostly in the user experience to activate the switching, or ideally have them activated automatically based on the user intent. Therefore, Lightware and Barco recommend working with the respective sales engineers to define and/or validate these solutions.

In this document, we highlight one specific use case that works out of the box. It is the situation whereby ClickShare Conference is used as the default conferencing solution in the meeting room, but occasionally users want to connect their laptop via a “direct”, cabled connection in the meeting room for presenting and/or conferencing. This could be useful when users have very high-resolution laptops and want to have full native resolution and colour on the display. Or when they want to receive native audio-video peripherals on their laptop.

ClickShare Conference and Laptop fallback use case

In rooms where ClickShare Conference is used as the default way to wirelessly present and conference, but occasionally users want to connect their laptop to either the display and/or the USB peripherals, a Lightware Switcher can be used to automatically trigger the required changes. Recommended switchers for this use case are the UCX-2x1-HC30, UCX-2x2-H30 and UCX-4x2-HC30.

To set up this configuration:
  • Connect CX-20/CX-30/CX-50 HDMI Out to the Lightware Switcher HDMI In.
  • Connect CX-20/CX-30/CX-50 USB to the Lightware Switcher USB-B (co-located next to HDMI In).
  • Connect USB Peripherals to the Lightware USB USB-A.
  • Connect the Display to the Lightware Switcher HDMI Out.
  • Connect Laptop HDMI out to the Lightware Switcher HDMI In (models UCX-2x2-H30 and UCX-4x2-HC30).
  • Connect CX-20/CX-30/CX-50 USB to the Lightware Switcher USB-B (co-located next to HDMI In) (models UCX-2x2-H30 and UCX-4x2-HC30).
  • Connect Laptop USB-C to the Lightware Switcher USB-C (models UCX-2x1-HC30 and UCX-4x2-HC30).

The picture below shows the ports for the Lightware UCX-4x2-HC30.


After the physical set-up, configure the Lightware Switcher so that by default the ClickShare Conference is chosen, and when a laptop is plugged in then the laptop is chosen. See “ Configuration of the Lightware Switcher” later in this document for how to configure the device for this.

Once all the connections are made and the configuration is done, the user can walk into the room and can do the following:

  • Wirelessly present by connecting to ClickShare with either the Button or the ClickShare App and start presenting. Via ClickShare, the user can share his screen or individual applications.
  • Wirelessly conference by connecting to ClickShare which automatically provides access to the meeting room peripherals. The user can start any UC client, show his content, etc. By using Smart Meeting flows, the user is able to show people and content next to each other, and the meeting flow is largely automated (see ClickShare Conference – Introducing smart meeting flows).
  • Connect his laptop via HDMI and USB, or USB-C and share his screen and use the peripherals. This allows the user to share full [email protected] at 4:4:4 laptop resolution and receive the “native peripherals”.

Set up for different Lightware Switchers

Set up with UCX-2x1-HC30

This switcher is best suited to work with ClickShare and one laptop that will be connected via USB-C.


Set up with UCX-2x2-H30

This switcher is best suited to work with ClickShare and one laptop that will be connected via HDMI and USB.


Set up with UCX-4x2-HC30

This switcher is best suited to work with ClickShare and when the laptop can be connected by either HDMI and USB or USB-C.


Configuration of the Lightware Switcher

To configure the Lightware UCX device, download the Lightware Device Controller (LDC) on the Lightware Website (click here ).

Then follow these steps:
  1. Install Lightware Device Controller on your PC.
  2. Connect your PC with USB-C or network to the Lightware UCX device. The UCX device will show up in the device discovery.
  3. Connect to the UCX device: simply click on the name.
    The Matrix overview of the UCX device will appear.
  4. Configure auto switching between the Clickshare and the USB-C input click on the HDMI Out 1.
  5. Scroll down in the right window until the “Autoselect” setting appears.
  6. To enable automatic switching between the Clickshare and the wired connections set the operation policy to Last detect.
    Make sure that the priority switching of the inputs must be set. The Input of the ClickShare needs to be set to the lowest priority.

    1 is the highest priority and 100 is the lowest priority. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Microsoft Teams and Barco integration with UCX family

Refer to the picture below:



Last updated Mar 28, 2023