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Not possible to enable Screen recording when using the ClickShare Button

Article number: [7993]

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When the ClickShare App is trying to share a content, there is a case that it would popup a notification for granting the permission in case screen recording is not allowed. On some devices and in combination with an already installed ClickShare Desktop App it is not possible to change the screen recording setting to "ON", the slider always reverts back to "OFF".


This issue is resolved in the ClickShare firmware version 2.15 and ClickShare Desktop App version Please upgrade your Base Unit and ClickShare Desktop App software to this version or the latest available version respectively.


  1. Remove the Button and stop the ClickShare App from running (make sure it is not running in the background).
  2. Try to change the setting again and the toggle should now work.
  3. Now insert the ClickShare Button and all should work as normal.


Last updated Aug 14, 2023