What is a DP-DVI dongle and when should I use it


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What is a DP–DVI dongle?

A DP-DVI dongle will allow you to convert a DP signal into a DVI signal.

When should I use DP–DVI dongles?

  • When a display controller includes DP outputs that has to be connected on diagnostic imaging monitors including DVI inputs. 


Types of DP-DVI dongles

1. Single link     


Passive Single-Link Dongle

The passive Single-Link Dongle converts DisplayPort input signals to single-link DVI output signals. It is compatible with all Barco grayscale displays and up to 2MP color models. For color displays of 3MP and greater resolutions, the Dual-Link Dongle is necessary.

Active Single-Link Dongle

Barco Display Controllers are not compatible with third-party active single-link dongles. Please use Barco passive Single-Link dongles.

2. Dual-link


Active Dual-Link Dongle

The active Dual-Link Dongle is actively powered with an extra USB connection and converts DisplayPort input signals to dual-link DVI output signals. Unlike the passive Single-Link dongle, the Dual-Link dongle allows higher resolutions (greater than 1920x1200) on color displays. Only Barco dual-link dongles should be used with Barco display controllers since they are supported to are for use with Medical QAWeb and are correctly communicating with the display via the DDC channel. 

When using QAWeb software for calibration and quality assurance of a display connected through a dual-link dongle, a USB cable must also be connected to the display.

When to use a dual-link DP-DVI dongle?

Grayscale displays

  • 5MP resolution is the limit of a single link dongle when using dual-10 encoding
  • Only grayscale display needing the dual-link dongle is the MDNG-6121 (5.8 MP resolution)
  • This displays can also be set in 5MP mode in the OSD or in normal DVI mode to a low refresh rate (25Hz)

Color displays

  • 2MP is the limit of single link DP dongle
  • Dual-link dongle is needed for 3MP and Coronis 6MP at full refresh rate (60Hz)
  • 3MP (Nio and Coronis) can be set to medium refresh rate (45Hz)
  • 6MP can be driven by the dual-link DVI output at a lower refresh rate of 35Hz



Last updated Jan 14 2021

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