XMS cloud shows error message "unable to register ClickShare device, please retry "


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With ClickShare Conference, we are introducing a new setup procedure for the ClickShare Base Units. This procedure is meant to:

  1. Activation: set the official start date of the product 1-year default warranty
  2. Update the Base Unit to the latest firmware
  3. Set up the SmartCare Service Contract, see [KB11157]

For your convenience, we have made these steps as easy and minimal as possible. More information on the setup procedure can be found here: [KB11150]

XMS cloud shows error message "unable to register ClickShare device, please retry "

When entering the device token and device name during first time setup, the following screen can be seen in the XMS cloud:


This error can have different root causes:

  1. Meeting room name left empty
  2. Make sure the token ID is correctly copied. Note
    • the difference between the letter 'O' and the number '0'
    • that the token ID is case sensitive
  3. If the token is correctly copied but registration still fails, temporarily skip registration by following the instructions on the screen below the line and once the device is set up, go to the web configurator of the device (how to: see [KB11142]) and reset the device to factory defaults (how to: see [KB11141]). This will restart the whole setup procedure and should give you a new token.

If all above fails, please contact Barco helpdesk by creating a ticket.

Important note:
An issue was recently discovered when setting up the Base Unit in combination with certain network equipment. If the above troubleshooting steps did not help you, please get in touch with your Barco contact to help you further.
Error message "unable to add device"

Adding device into XMS Cloud can give an "unable to add device" error. Make sure that the Base Unit is updated to firmware version 2.5 and reset to factory defaults before trying again to add ClickShare Conference device into XMS Cloud.



Last updated Mar 18 2021

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