How do I activate or register my ClickShare Conference device? What's the difference?


This article applies to the following products:

Activation to reset warranty - Registration to get SmartCare:


  • Bringing a ClickShare Conference device online for the first time (this is required during initial setup), see [KB11150]
  • This resets the start of the 12-month product warranty to the current date or to the date of 9 months after shipping from Barco, whichever came first
  • Only related to the standard warranty, which is 12 months for ClickShare Conference devices


  • Registering a device in XMS Cloud (optional step during initial setup) via
  • This starts a SmartCare contract for your device, which lasts 5 years since the start of the warranty
  • Registration needs to happen within the first 6 months after warranty reset or SmartCare will not be started upon registration and eligibility will have expired!
  • For more information on SmartCare, please see here or [KB11157].



Last updated Dec 08 2020

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