How to launch Test Patterns in QAWeb Enterprise


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From QAWeb Enterprise Agent: 

  • Open QAWeb Enterprise Agent GUI (Graphical User Interface) from the Windows Task Tray (Bottom right task bar)
  • Click on logo as shown below to access the test pattern section of QAWeb Enterprise Agent 
  • Click on the test pattern to either perform a visual verification or to perform a measurement using an external sensor.


  • Some test patterns are just made for visual verifications (TG18-OIQ). Other test patterns are made for measurements using an external sensor (AAPM-TG18-UN80)
  • QAWeb Test patterns are always pixel perfect (no scaling artifacts, full resolution, uncorrected raw files)
  • QAWeb Agent draws the test pattern pixel by pixel to ensure that the pattern is always using the native resolution 
  • Using QAWeb test pattern is always the best option ! Test pattern from 3rd party programs (i.e: PACS) can apply an additional correction to the loaded test patterns -> Risk ! 




Last updated Oct 13 2020

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