ClickShare Extension Pack causes issues on Windows 10 [KB6444]

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In the past, we've encountered some issues with ClickShare Extension Pack in combination with Windows 10 version 1709, 1803 or above.

Some of the encountered issues were Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), black screen, Microsoft software that encounters delays or stops working, etc.


This has been fixed in the ClickShare Extension Pack v1.1.0.6, released September 2018.

  • We recommend uninstalling the previous version and a reboot before installing the new version.
  • Before installing it is required that you upgrade your Base Unit firmware to the latest version.
  • After upgrading the Base Unit firmware please re-pair your Buttons.
  • When you install this extension pack on Windows 10 version lower than 1709 and there is a Windows update you will need to re-install the extension pack.


The extended desktop feature only works with Base Unit firmware 1.6 and higher and on the CS-100, CSE-200, CSE-800.


Last updated Sep 04 2019

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