Why does my Barco MXRT display controller appear as 'B8DKMDAP' in Windows 10?


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In Windows 10 version 1709 and above, Barco graphics adapters show up as 'B8DKMDAP' in the Windows Display Properties window, BMSE, and the BSSCP under CloneView. 

Root Cause:

With the newer version(s) of Windows 10 (starting with version 1709 - read here how you can find your Windows 10 version), the registry path where the Barco driver used to write our device description no longer exists. So windows would fall back to read the device description from the service name instead.


Barco has updated the MXRT driver code to correctly write the device description according to the updated Windows 10 methods.

Please upgrade to driver version (or higher) to resolve this issue.



Last updated Aug 09 2018

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