Which MXRT display controller and MXRT driver version are compatible to which Windows version?


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Not every display controller is compatible with every Windows version. Check out this overview to see if your display controller is compatible with your Windows version and which driver you can use.


Note: With Windows 10, Barco validates limited released versions of Semi-Annual Channel and the latest version of Long Term Service Channel (formerly known as Long Term Service Branch) available at the time of driver qualification and testing. For specific Win10 version support, refer to the driver-specific release notes

If you would like more information on Windows 10 Service Branches, please refer to these Microsoft websites: 




Newer system BIOS, which loads when your computer start, are now using software called UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, bios-uefi-explained). 

Please find below a list of UEFI compliant MXRT display controllers. 


Note: If you encounter any issues with non-UEFI compliant graphics controllers, please change the System BIOS setting to disable Secure Boot and allow legacy option ROMS as a first troubleshooting step to resolve the problem (see workstation manufacturer on where to find this setting).



Last updated Dec 01 2020

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