What are display families on QAWeb Server?


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What is a display family?

In the MediCal QAWeb Server application, the display types are bundled in categories, called display families. A number of functions and policies are based on this concept of display families.

For a user, it may not always be clear to which display family a particular display belongs. Therefore, the QAWeb Server user guide gives an overview of the different display families and corresponding display types. You can find a link to this user guide below this article.

Where is this family used?

The display families are not really relevant for a standalone QAWeb Agent. On the QAWeb Server, however, the families are used for the following:

  • Policies (display settings and QA tasks)
  • Licenses (Premium and Premium Software licenses) in your portfolio are linked to specific display families.

Which display families do I have?

You can easily track down the display family for each display type you have. The following knowledge base article explains how you can do that: [KB7979].

Further reading

Check the linked articles to find out more about how to work with the display families.




Last updated Nov 19 2018

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