Grayscale display compatibility with MXRT display controllers


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Before the introduction of DisplayPort's native 10-bit support, Barco introduced a proprietary 10-bit protocol called 'Dual10', which supported native 10-bit images on compatible Barco display controllers and drivers, connected to Barco displays that support the protocol. Now that 10-bit is natively supported with DisplayPort, there is no longer a need for this proprietary protocol.

Relevance of this article

This article is only relevant if:

  • you are looking to update your MXRT display controller driver to a newer version.
  • your display controller is defective and needs to be replaced with a more recent display controller.


We have looked at our grayscale display portfolio and have documented a solution for each of the displays, depending on the capabilities of the display and its compatibility with display controllers and drivers.

In the next chapters, you can find two solutions which are then referred to in the compatibility matrix below.

1. Configuration with MXRT-x400 or x500 Display controllers:

Displays Color-coded green in the matrix below have a native DisplayPort connection and therefore are supported with the latest MXRT drivers. (See MXRT requirement above)

2. Configurations with MXRT-x600 display controllers supported by using a specific MXRT driver, and a DisplayPort to DVI dongle:

Displays Color-coded orange in the matrix below must be used with the Dual10 protocol to reach their native resolution and refresh rate. With MXRT-x400 or MXRT-x500 Dislay Controllers use the latest MXRT display controller driver.

For MXRT-x600 Display Controllers you will need to use Driver version Please contact support for obtaining this driver.

Please note: Because these displays do not have a DisplayPort input, they must be connected to the display controller using an additional DisplayPort to DVI adapter which can be purchased from Barco. The part number is B558318.

Compatibility matrix

Below is the list of all supported grayscale diagnostic products with their supported configuration which refers to the configuration options above.

Model name Supported configuration
E-2620 S  2 
E-3620 MA  2 
MDCG-10130  1 
MDCG-2121 CB  2 
MDCG-3120 CB  2 
MDCG-3121 CB  2 
MDCG-3221  1 
MDCG-5121  1 
MDCG-5221 CB


MDCG-5221 BB






MDNG-2121  2 
MDNG-3220  1 
MDNG-3421  1 
MDNG-5121 BB  2 
MDNG-5121 CB  2 
MDNG-5221 BB  1 
MDNG-5221 CB  1 
MDNG-6121 BB


MDNG-6121 CB  2 
MDNG-6221 EM  1 
MFGD-3420  2 
MFGD-3621  2 
MFGD-5421 BB  2 
MFGD-5621 HD  2 

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Last updated Dec 28 2020

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