What are the MediCal QAWeb Agent user accounts & passwords?


These are the currently available user accounts in MediCal QAWeb Agent and their passwords:

User Password Permissions
Guest no password Readonly mode for QAWeb Agent, default mode when starting up the application
Advanced advanced Needed to perform e.g. a calibration, change calibration or test parameters
Service Technician* ******** Service account for performing specific service actions on Barco displays such as recalibration of the front sensor. Contact Barco Healthcare customer service to obtain this password.
Din Compliance Tester dintester Activate and perform the DIN 6868-57 acceptance and constancy tests (Germany only)
JESRA Acceptance Tester     jesra1 Activate and perform the Jesra acceptance tests (Japan only)
JESRA Constancy Tester jesra2 Activate and perform the Jesra constancy tests (Japan only)




Last updated May 31 2018

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