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  1. Please uninstall Medical QAWeb from your workstation. Medical QAWeb and QAWeb Enterprise Agent can't run together on the same workstation. This uninstallation can be done silently. A script is documented in the 'My organization' page of the 'Administration' section of QAWeb Enterprise.
  2. On a Medical QAWeb Standalone system (no connection to Medical QAWeb Server), please make sure to save the QAWeb Agent history (.pdf) 
  3. Before getting started with QAWeb Enterprise, please read the system requirements needed to run QAWeb Enterprise on your workstations.
  4. We strongly recommend connecting each display with a USB cable to the workstation. Please also, update the Barco MXRT Display Controller drivers to its latest version (See: kb6421)
  5. Check our QAWeb Enterprise Security and Connectivity FAQ document (on our Barco webpage, QAWeb Enterprise manuals and documentation section) here.

Step 1: Sign-up for QAWeb Enterprise

  • A sign-up link can be found on the QAWeb Enterprise Product Page.
  • Click at the bottom page on sign up now
  • A registration form has to be completed by an authorized representative of the organization.
  • During Sign-Up, different options can be selected. If the purple option is chosen, the representative of the organization decides to manage the installed base of QAWeb Enteprise Agents without any external partner being involved. In this case, it's the responsibility of the organization to maintain the workstations "Compliant" towards the required medical standards. If the blue option is chosen, the representative of the organization decides to let a partner taking care of its installed base of QAWeb Enterprise Agents. In this case, the partner will be able to access the created Organization remotely from a separate portal, called the Partner Portal
  • Once the sign-up has been validated by a Barco employee, an e-mail is sent to your address including a temporary (7 days) account activation link (should the temporary link have expired, please contact the Barco Customer Service Team: KB5034).
  • Click on this account activation link to enter your e-mail address and to choose a secure password. 
  • Once the user account is successfully activated, you will be redirected to the QAWeb Enterprise Webpage and you will receive an account activation confirmation e-mail.
  • Welcome aboard QAWeb Enterprise!

Step 2: Setup your organization

The organizational structure is recommended in Step 2 to keep your workstations hierarchically organized but also allows you to assign policies and give user permissions to specific nodes in your organizational structure.

Later (in Step 3), QAWeb Enterprise Agents have to be assigned to "rooms". Those rooms need therefore first to be created in your organization tree. It is possible to create an organisational structure of up to 7 levels but only 3 levels are mandatory (Organization, Hospital, Room). 

Once connected on the Web interface of QAWeb Enterprise Server: 

  • Go to Administration, Structure 
  • Click on the "+" icon to create a new node 
  • Fill in the fields with the required information 

You can achieve this step by following the guidelines of the below Online Manual section:

Step 3: Download & Install QAWeb Enterprise Agent

QAWeb Enterprise is composed of two main components, QAWeb Enterprise Agent and QAWeb Enterprise Cloud Server.

After completion of step 1 (Sign-up on QAWeb Enterprise) and Step 2 (Setup your organization), the moment has come to download and install QAWeb Enterprise Agent on your workstations.

The QAWeb Enterprise Agent software is available for download in the Administration - My Organization section on QAWeb Enterprise Server.

To Install and register the QAWeb Agent, please follow the dedicated section "Installing & Registering the QAWeb Agent" from the QAWeb Enterprise Online Manual. 

Step 4:  Assign QAWeb Enterprise Agent

Once the QAWeb Enterprise Agent installed and registered, the workstation will be listed in the Administration > Assignment > unassigned workstation location.

  • Select from the left organization tree, a previously created diagnostic imaging room (step 2)
  • drag and drop an unassigned workstation to your room node.

The final goal is to have all QAWeb Enterprise Agents assigned to the corresponding rooms of your organizational tree.


Follow the below Online Manual section to assign your new registered QAWeb Enterprise Agent to a room of your organization. 

Step 5: Getting a "Compliant" Status 

You can verify the proper operation of your setup by checking the following: 

  • Display communication via USB: It is strongly recommended to connect all Barco Diagnostic and Clinical displays to the workstation with a USB cable. This improves the stability of the communication between agent and display and also increases the execution speed of certain operations.
  • Once your Agent successfully installed, registered and assigned to its corresponding node, it will start the calibration of the Barco Diagnostic Imaging Monitor (QAWeb Enterprise do not calibrate 3rd party displays), followed by the quality assurance tests defined by the policies attributed to this monitor.
  • The QAWeb Enterprise Agent graphical user interface can be open from the Windows Taskbar (lower right corner), see 
  • Once opened and all tasks passed, your QAWeb Agent should look like the example here below: 

Further information: Once QAWeb Agent has started, the software automatically detects every single monitor that is connected via its USB cable to the workstation. All required hardware information is collected at that moment by QAWeb Agent such as its display model, serial number, firmware version, and its use.

Based on QA Test Results, QAWeb Enterprise represents the current state of workstations and displays in terms of Quality assurance using two statuses that are closely related

  1. The QA Status 
  2. The Schedule Status 

Should you encounter any issues in the above five steps, feel free to read the complete section in the Online Manual or contact the Barco Customer Service Team which will be happy to provide further technical assistance (see how to create a service ticket in KB5034)

Further reading

This concludes the essential steps to get started with QAWeb Enterprise. For further details, several sources of information are available:




Last updated Jun 11 2021

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