Procedure for Testing ClickShare Conference (without UC&C Tools)


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Without using any UC&C tool (like Skype4Business, Teams, Webex or Zoom), it is possible to test the ClickShare Conference functionality using your notebook. In what follows, testing audio and video will be tested separately, on a Windows installed notebook. The speakerphone and camera or speakerphone with the integrated camera are connected to the CX Base Unit over USB and the Button is inserted into to notebook.


Depending on the nature of the peripheral (camera, speakerphone or all-in-one device), either the audio playback & recording, video streaming or both audio playback & recording and video streaming should be tested

Testing Audio Playback & Recording

  1. Right-click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of your desktop.

  2. Select Playback devices.

  3. A window opens listing all the playback devices currently attached to your notebook.

  4. Double-click on Echo Cancelling Speakerphone and a new window will appear.

  5. Select Advanced and you will have the following view.

  6. Click the Test button to play a sound, if you hear the test sound from the connected speakerphone, you have successfully tested audio playback from your notebook to the speakerphone. Next, close this window and return to the window below.

  7. Now select Recording and you are presented with a view as below.

  8. Focus on the entry Echo Cancelling Speakerphone and generate a sound towards the speakerphone. The volume meter will indicate that sound was picked up by the speakerphone and you have successfully tested audio recording with your notebook from the speakerphone. 


Testing Video Streaming

  1. Start the Windows Camera app, this allows previewing all internal and USB connected cameras, the following window shows.

  2. If the Room Camera is not selected, use the icon on the top right to select Room Camera. When changing the camera, the name of the camera will be shown for a couple of seconds.

    When starting up the Room Camera video stream, it is normal to see a couple of seconds the white logo shown above. When the video stream starts coming in, you have successfully tested video streaming with your notebook from the camera.


Testing Touch Screen (For Touch Screen Compatibility)

  • One Touch on Screen (Same as Left-Click by mouse) After Clickshare projection, launch Microsoft Paint from the desktop/laptop, then on the touchscreen, choose "Pencil". It will choose the Pencil function successfully.

Then, use your finger to start drawing. The drawing action should be smooth and appear within a second. Compare the desktop/laptop and the touchscreen to ensure the drawing display the same.

  • Long press on screen(Same as Right-Click by mouse)
    After ClickShare projection, long press with a finger on the touchscreen. It will display the content menu successfully

  • Functionality of Drag
    After ClickShare projection. choose one icon (ex. Word, Paint, Excel...)on the touch screen with a finger then drag to another location.

After release the finger from the touchscreen, the icon will move to the new location successfully.

  • Double-Touch on screen
    After ClickShare projection, double touch on an icon (ex. Word, Paint, Excel...) with a finger on the touchscreen, the file will be opened successfully.
  • Multiple Select and Drag
    After ClickShare projection, touch any empty area with a finger and select apps, then drag to another location. It will display blue box in selection during the drag action. After release the finger on touchscreen, the selected files will be highlighted.


  • Different Resolution
    et different display resolution, the highest, lowest, and the middle (i.e. 4K, 1280x720, 640x480) from the laptop/desktop. Launch Desktop App and start projection. All touch functions such as One-touch, Long press, Double-touch, Touch and Drag in these respective resolutions still work successfully. 






Last updated Nov 09 2020

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