Spare parts PJWU-101B

Article number: R9005938

This product is no longer available, please take a look at this alternative.



Spare part lifecycle

Front projection

Remote Controle Unit (RCU) for Business projectors (Corporate AV) (R98010261)

Mounting kit

ClickShare CSM-1 integration kit (for CAV projectors) (R9801202) End of life
ClickShare CSM-1 integration kit for 10 units (for CAV projectors) (R9801202D10) End of life


FLIGHTCASE CAV MS-PJ-SERIES (for projectors without stacking frame) (R9899735) End of life

Spare part kit

Upgrade kit

HDBaseT inside kit for CAV projectors (R9801305) End of life

Zoom lenses

Conversion lens x 0.8 for J lens (1,56-1,86 : 1) (R9832784)
J lens (0,84-1,03 : 1) (lens extreme wide angle) (R9832763)
J lens (1,56-1,86 : 1) (short throw) (R9832761)
J lens (1,85-2,4 : 1) (lens standard) (R9832760)
J lens (2,4-4,0 : 1) (lens longer zoom) (R9832762)
J lens (4,0-7,0 : 1) (lens ultra longer zoom) (R9832783)