Spare parts RLM R6 Performer

Article number: R9010270


Spare part lifecycle

Fixed lenses

TLD HB lens (0.8 : 1) (R9842040) End of service


DMX to RS unit (for FLM, XLM, SLM and RLM) (R9854549) End of life

Mounting kit

Rigging kit for RLM G5 (R9852120) End of life

Spare part kit

All bottom dust filters of the RLM G5 series (B401045K)
Cold mirror for RLM series (heatsinks and accessories included) (B401040K) End of service
Cover keypad + backlight for RLM G5i/H5/R6+ (mounted on the top cover) (B401088K)
Digital video input for RLM G5i/H5/R6+ (input layer 2 [DVI + VGA]) (R764568K) End of service
Lamp assembly for RLM G5i/H5/R6+ (R9852940) End of service
Lamp Power Supply (LPS) for RLM G5i/H5/R6+ (B401075K)
Lens holder assembly for RLM G5 series (Shift motors included.) (B401038K) End of service
Light sensor (CLO) (for SLM, RLM,XLM and ELM) (R763294K)
SMPS MCU for RLM G5i/H5/R6+ (Motor Control Unit) (B401076K)

Zoom lenses

TLD HB lens (1.6 - 2.0 : 1) (R9842060) End of service
TLD HB lens (2.0 - 2.8 : 1) (R9842080) End of life
TLD HB lens (2.8 - 5.0 : 1) (R9842100) End of life
TLD HB lens (5.0 - 8.0 : 1) (R9842120) End of life
TLD+ lens (7.50 - 11.2 : 1 for SXGA+) (6.93 - 10.3 : 1 for HD) (R9829997)
TLD+ lens Ultra Short Throw (0.8-1.16:1) (R9801414)
TLD+ lens Ultra Short Throw (1.16-1.49:1) (R9862005)