PDS Software v3.8.0.0


7.66 MB

29 apr '17

PDS-701 3G , PDS-901 3G , PDS-902 3G

Release notes

  • Fixed issue with PDS freezing when sitting idle for a certain period of time.

Version history

Version details Security Size Release date
v3.8.0.0 (selected) public 7.66 MB 29 apr '17 Direct download
v3.7.1.0 public 7.58 MB 08 apr '16 Direct download
v3.5.3.0 public 7.58 MB 07 may '15 Direct download
v3.0.1.0 public 7.66 MB 26 jul '13 Direct download
v2.0.2.0 public 6.26 MB 25 apr '13 Direct download
v1.0.2.0 public 5.75 MB 21 dec '12 Direct download

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