ClickShare Extension Pack v1.1.0.6


12.77 MB

14 sep '18

ClickShare Extension Pack , ClickShare CSC-1 , ClickShare CSM-1 , ClickShare CS-100 , ClickShare CS-100 , ClickShare CSE-200 , ClickShare CSE-200+ , ClickShare CSE-800

Release notes

=== Things we fixed ===

  • Possible incompatibility with Windows 10 1709 and above (
  • Reboot is not required after installing extension pack.

=== Known issues ===

  • It is possible that the ClickShare Extension Pack cannot be upgraded from to a higher version via silent installation (
  • The extended desktop feature only works with Base Unit firmware 01.06.01 and higher and on products CS-100, CSE-200, CSE-800. We recommend to re-pair your Buttons after upgrading BaseUnit firmware.
  • When you install this extension pack on Windows 10 version lower than 1709 and there is a Windows update you will need to re-install the extension pack.
  • We recommend to uninstall the previous version before installing this version.
  • The extended desktop feature only works when using Buttons with part number R9861500D01 or R9861500D01C.

Version history

Version details Security Size Release date
v1.1.2.7 public 12.97 MB 27 aug '19 Direct download
v1.1.1.4 public 12.97 MB 17 dec '18 Direct download
v1.1.0.6 (selected) public 12.77 MB 14 sep '18 Direct download

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