Firmware for the wePresent WiPG-1000P v2.3.2.20


110.89 MB

29 apr '19

Release notes

Release Information:

  • WiPG-1000P
  • FW:v2.3.2.20
  • Release Date: 2019/04/29
  • Windows client: v2.3.0.23
  • MacOS client: v2.3.0
Release Note:
  • Vulnerability issue fix
  • Contains patch for vulnerabilities, including CVE-2019-3929 and CVE-2019-3930.


Release Information:

  • WiPG-1000P
  • FW: v2.3.1.16
  • Release Date: 2019/03/05
  • Windows client: v2.3.0.23
  • MacOS client: v2.3.0
Release Notes:
  • New: Download and Show (portable version of MirrorOp Sender can be downloaded from webpage)
  • New: Support SNMP v3
  • Fixed: Several security vulnerabilities
  • Support AirPlay volume adjustment
  • An internet connection is required to download "MirrorOp Sender Installer for Windows" as it is moved to an external server
  • Several bug fixes


Release Information:

  • WiPG-1000P
  • FW:v2.3.0.10
  • Release Date: 2018/07/18
  • Windows client: v2.0.0.19
  • MacOS client: v2.0.97
Release Notes:
  • New feature: mDNS support.
  • New feature: Add EULA info on the web UI.
  • Changed: Remove IWB/USB port options from the web UI.
  • Changed: “Auto Detect (HDMI)" as the default setting for screen output.
  • New feature: Add login code info to “System Status” on the web UI.
  • Fixed: “Daylight Saving Time” cannot be enabled via the web UI.

Version history

Version details Security Size Release date
v2.3.4.22 public 111.03 MB 11 dec '19 Direct download
v2.3.3.21 public 110.98 MB 26 sep '19 Direct download
v2.3.2.20 (selected) E-mail access 110.89 MB 29 apr '19 Direct download
v2.3.1.16 E-mail access 110.89 MB 06 mar '19 Direct download
v2.3.0.10 E-mail access 117.66 MB 18 jul '18 Direct download

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