ClickShare Desktop App Release Mac v4.0.0.6


20.56 MB

01 apr '19

ClickShare App , ClickShare Button , ClickShare USB-C Button , ClickShare CS-100 , ClickShare CS-100 Huddle , ClickShare CSE-200 , ClickShare CSE-200+ , ClickShare CSE-800

Release notes

=== Initial release of the ClickShare Desktop App===

It is highly advised to use this app in combination with BaseUnit version 01.07 or higher.

What is the ClickShare desktop app

  • Choose your way of sharing with the new ClickShare desktop app! The app allows you to easily connect and share content to a meeting room. Simply download and install the app without administrator rights, connect to a meeting room in your vicinity, and share your content with one click.
  • The app works perfectly together and in sync with the ClickShare button.
  • Note: the app is compatible with the CS-100, CS-100 Huddle, CSE-200, CSE-200+ and CSE-800 Base units. When using older ClickShare models, such as the CSC or the CSM, make sure to use a physical ClickShare button in combination with the app.

Version history

Version details Security Size Release date
v4.0.3.8 public 18.79 MB 01 jul '19 Direct download
v4.0.2.35 public 18.77 MB 05 jun '19 Direct download
v4.0.0.6 (selected) public 20.56 MB 01 apr '19 Direct download

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