Article number: R9801841


Use of ICP-D with a third party Integrated Media Block (IMB) is protected by a licensing mechanism limiting its usage to specified configuration.

  • The projector (S4+ICP-D) from the factory comes with a grace period of 200hrs.
  • This means that the projector can be used (in “On” mode) with 3rd party IMB for 200hrs.
  • During that period the projector will be in Warning status (orange notification); with the remaining hours in the description.
  • When no valid license is installed in time; the projector will go into Error status and the media server will not be selectable anymore.

Currently supported IMBs:

  • Dolby ShowVault/IMB: From SW VER 2.8.25 onward
  • Dolby IMS3000: From SW VER 3.3.26 onward
  • Dolby IMS2000: From SW VER 2.8.25 onward

Contact your supplier of the supported IMB to acquire a valid license. The end user does not need to order something extra from Barco

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