Barco Certified Corporate AV Sales Professional

The Barco Corporate AV Sales Certification Training is a commercial training program for the products Barco offer to the Corporate AV (CAV) market. Becoming Barco CAV Sales Certified is a key requirement to being a Barco Partner, through the Connect Program.

Course description

Being successful in the highly competitive market requires skills and knowledge to make the difference. You will learn about key features, unique selling points and the value proposition of the benefits of our entire product range as well as inspirational references and real life examples. We help you validate your expertise and will help you succeed in the market!

Products covered:

  • Present-P
  • Present-C
  • Present-M
  • ClickShare

Content overview:

  • Company Background & Values, Strategy, Market Approach, Service & support organization
  • References and inspiration
  • Product Positioning
  • Product Features & key specifications
  • Product Value Proposition & Competitive Landscape


To pass the Certification, you need to pass the examination at the end of day 2.

  • The students will be given a case where they have to work in groups or individual for 30-40 minutes as team and come back for a practical examination



Target audience

This Certification training is intended for sales and commercially oriented professionals. For Technical Product and Service Certification there are dedicated training courses available. 
  • Sales Professionals
  • Sales and Marketing Executives
  • Product & Project Managers
  • Product Specialists


  • … understand Barco’s global Strategy
  • … understand Barco’s Corporate AV strategy
  • … understand Barco’s Corporate AV product range
  • … convince the audience why to sell/buy the Corporate AV
  • … understand and demonstrate the product and value proposition


2 day including Factory Tour and • Dinner & Social Event on the 1st evening



Spoken language



Barco Certified Sales Professional - Corporate AV (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)


Your personal training plan and certification program

Training registration quick start guide

Training Registration Quick Start Guide

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