Barco Media Server - Barco Certified Specialist - XHD Media Server and Graphical User Interface

The BMS powered by X-Agora is a suite of applications that allow you to go from designing your multimedia event to deploying it, within a single software environment. It is a multimedia production system for projects of all scales that provides a common pipeline for interaction design, content integration as well as “show time” playback. Most importantly, X-Agora allows you to go beyond traditional “playback” by making it possible to easily integrate sensors and interactive content into your multimedia event. External inputs of various kinds (sensors, touch-screens etc.) can be integrated into your X-Agora system for real-time interactive control of features such as particle systems, visual effects, custom scriptable logic, actuators etc.

Course description

The 2-Day training class consists an overview of the BMS architecture and workflow both in 3D and 2D Modes.  The Barco Media Server workflow consists of 6 tasks

-      Projection Study- Facilitates technical design and projector positioning.

-      Content Production – Allows users to create cropping templates for motion graphics and video artists tasked with creating content for large-scale, multi-screen/multi-projector pixel spaces.

-      X-Agora Encoder - A tool for encoding videos either from image sequences or from existing videos. You can also use the Media Encoder to crop full resolution image sequences or videos.

-      Programming - An easy to use pre-rendered and real-time content playback solution.

-      Output configurations - Manage and monitor your physical players, and drag and drop projectors onto their physical video outputs.

-      Calibration - A sophisticated projection mapping tool featuring automatic blending for mapping content onto complex surfaces in a multi-projector setup.

-      Playback - Simplified interface to control your show during operation.

The US pricing includes BMS XDG-100D Designer license that will be given to the student in the class.


Attendees should have a good knowledge about Media Servers in General. Good understanding of working with 3D environment. Good Understanding of Projection warping and blending is a must.

Target audience

AV professional, Technical Designers, pre-sales engineer, anyone who will have to operate and basically understand the Barco Media Server to set it up.


Students will engage in hands-on activities in order to enhance their understanding. They will gain the required skills to successfully set up and operate the system in common set-ups.


2 day


€700/$1450 (US pricing includes BMS XDG-100D Designer license)

Spoken language



Barco Certified Specialist for XHD Media Server and Graphical User Interface (valid for 2 years from date of issuance)

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