This course provides certification for all types of Barco Series 2 projectors, lamp based projectors and laser light source based projectors (DP2Kxx6E, DP2KxxS, DP2KxxC, DP4KxxB). The participants will know how to troubleshoot efficiently and service all the parts. This includes logs analysis, equipment testing and advanced service. At least 50% of the training will be dedicated to Hands-on.


Target Audience

Service engineers, technical engineers.




Day 1

  • Barco Series 2: understand how the projector works: electronics, optical components, cooling...
  • Barco Series 2: identifying the key components and key functions.
  • Barco Series 2: similarities between all projectors.
  • Barco Series 2: differences between lamp and laser projector.
  • Definition of critical errors and warnings (show-stopper or not show-stopper).
  • Troubleshooting Lamp issues (UHP and Xenon): LPS, SPG, Lamp house, lamp info module, lamp...
  • Real life example and logs analysis + tests (multi-meter + hands-on)


Day 2


·       Laser Light Source technology: Barco SLP, CLP, BLP.

·       Troubleshooting Laser Light Source problems: LCB, LDM, Cooling system...

·       Troubleshooting cooling system: cooler, fans, pumps...

·       Real life example and logs analysis + hands on exercise on defective spare parts


Day 3


·       LLU technology and portfolio.

·       Mechanical retrofit and calibration (hands-on)

·       Network settings, software upgrade and software integration.

·       Logs analysis and troubleshooting with real life examples.


Day 4


·       Troubleshooting light engine / backplane / ICP

·       ICP recovery mode

·       Troubleshooting CCB

·       Troubleshooting ICMP

·       Final exam

Barco Certified Specialist

Certified Specialist – Service and troubleshooting on Barco Series 2 Xenon, Smart Laser and LLU



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Training format: In-Class training
Duration: 4 days
Price: €1800 / $2600
Spoken language: en

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