eXperience Management Suite (XMS)


This E-learning module introduces you to XMS-Edge

Course description

The following topics will be covered:

  • Introduction XMS 
  • XMS Cloud, Edge and Virtual Edge 
  • XMS Virtual Edge: how to deploy the OVA file on your virtual machine 
  • First time startup XMS (Virtual) Edge & Cloud 
  • Use of XMS (Virtual) Edge in offline mode for on-premise management


Target audience

This training is intended for all XMS users


At the conclusion of the class, you will have a solid introduction on the installment and use of XMS Cloud, Edge and Virtual Edge.

Why consider Barco training?

A fundamental part of our internal staff education, Barco certification training has also proven to be of significant value for salespeople, operators, technicians, and service engineers employed by business partners, customers and consultancy agencies.