Recertification - Barco Certified Expert

This course provides recertification for holders of the Barco Series 2 Digital Cinema Advanced Troubleshooting and Diagnostics certification.

Course description

Participants will get in depth knowledge of new products, software features and the latest technologies. Topics include digital cinema theory plus an updated overview of all projector components with major info on the DP4K and DP2K-S Series, DP2K-E Series, and the DP2K Laser Phosphor Series. The course covers light processor repair, optical alignment, and troubleshooting procedures. This recertification course does not include, or cover, the DP2K-xxL Series of projectors. 



The course is only for individuals currently in possession of a valid Barco Digital Cinema Expert Certification that is expired or about to expire.

Target audience

All Certification recipients whose certification needs to be renewed for another two years.



  • Updated DCI Specs and 3D systems
  • Series 2 Product Line: overview on new Products (8S, 10S, DP4K, DPxKP, 6E, and Laser Phosphor)
  • New Lenses
  • S series
  • E series
  • Laser Phosphor
  • DP4K 
  • New Features Communicator
  • Updates on configuration settings
  • Commander
  • Installation differences with S series, E series, and Laser Phospor projectors
  • You Tube – BARCO TV 
  • NOHD/RZ explanation
  • Safety Procedures
  • Parts Identification - Overview S series, E series, and Laser Phosphor
  • Board and Module Functionality - All boards with focus on S series, E series, Laser Phosphor, and Server Integrated Modules 
  • Flow Charts and Block Diagrams - video, communication and power diagrams
  • Board and Module Replacement - Covers full part replacement procedure for the S series, E series, and Laser Phosphor
  • Light Processor Repair - S series, E series, and Laser Phosphor
  • Optical Alignment - Cold mirror, light pipe and convergence adjustments of S series, E series, and Laser Phosphor
  • Subsystem Diagnostics & On-Site Debugging - Troubleshooting procedures for the complete projector range; ICMP installation/troubleshooting
  • Laser Phosphor retrofit and new projector installation
  • Testing and Certification

Training details

4 days Europe / 3 days US
Spoken language(s)
After successful completion of the course and exam, the participant receives Barco Certified Expert certification valid for 2 years from date of issuance.

Why consider Barco training?

A fundamental part of our internal staff education, Barco certification training has also proven to be of significant value for salespeople, operators, technicians, and service engineers employed by business partners, customers and consultancy agencies.