UniSee Connect

With UniSee Connect, the Barco UniSee system has been designed to be extremely reliable, easily upgradable, and swiftly diagnosed and serviced. Read more about this solution here.

UniSee Connect in a nutshell

Taking reliability seriously, UniSee Connect contains all elements to reduce downtime to an absolute minimum.

Product highlight
A sustainable solution

Barco UniSee obtained the Barco Eco Product label, following our stringent ISO14021 compliant eco-scoring methodology.


UniSee Connect includes a lot of technology that ensures an optimal uptime. This includes Barco's in-house designed real-time and automatic calibration system Sense X, but also a lot of other intelligent measures.

Faster repair

The modular design has another benefit: the components can be serviced a lot faster guaranteeing a more cost-effective solution. Most repairs can even be done on-site reducing downtime of the entire Barco UniSee wall to an absolute minimum.

Ensure uptime and avoid unplanned interrupts

Barco offers the possibility to include a redundant power supply that automatically takes over when the first unit fails. This can be positioned either inside the panel, or externally at a remote location.

Product highlight
Upgradable to future technologies

Barco UniSeeā€™s modular design ensures that upgrades to newer technologies can be introduced without the need to rip and replace the entire system.

Although Barco UniSee has all the latest technology on board, there may be new innovations or standards arising during the system’s lifetime. The open software platform and modular approach of UniSee Connect ensure easy upgradability.

No noise distractions

The Barco UniSee platform is completely fanless. In other words, the system has no components that create noise or that are susceptible to failure, making Barco UniSee operate silently and uninterrupted.

Loop-through limits cabling

With the 4K loop-through capability, all video signals can be sent over to the Barco UniSee display wall using a single video cable connection from the controller. This reduces the cost of the cabling, especially when the controller is located remotely from the video wall.

It is extremely important that you select the service contract that is right for you. You can choose between different levels, matching your needs optimally.