UniSee Mount

Ensuring the smallest gap possible, and allowing easy installation and servicing: these are the objectives of the UniSee Mount system.

UniSee Mount in a nutshell

The totally unique UniSee Mount system is a marvel of mechanical engineering. This video shows you a glimpse of its power.

Product highlight
Easy installation

The UniSee Mount was designed to make installation easy and fast. Installs now require much less efforts, resulting in faster commissioning.

The UniSee Mount structure needs less connections than traditional mounting systems. This not only makes installation faster, but the way the connections are conceived also makes the system flexible, enabling it to self-align. All cabling can be positioned neatly inside the guiders.

Easy servicing

Another revolutionary aspect of the UniSee Mount, is that it facilitates servicing. Using a simple wrench to move the adjacent screens, all individual panels are easily front accessible – even the middle panels. They can be taken out swiftly and securely, making service and maintenance easier.

Product highlight
Ensuring the smallest possible gap

Using the power of gravity, the screens automatically slide into position and stay perfectly aligned. At any time, and in any direction – so along the X, Y and Z-axis.

Aligning the displays of an LCD video wall can be a tedious job. The UniSee Mount makes this task a lot smoother. Perfect alignment has now become pure science – not art.

No risk of damaging the edges

The self-alignment mechanism of the UniSee Mount makes sure the panels align gently creating the best possible viewing experience, risk-free.

Adapts to your needs

The UniSee Mount allows both portrait and landscape usage. Without any customization, it allows all possible video wall configurations.

Barco UniSee was developed in-house, at our dedicated design center with decades of experience in large video walls.