UniSee View

When designing the Barco UniSee system, we have optimized all aspects of LCD video walls. The result is a stunning image quality and seamless viewing experience that has never been seen on LCD video walls before.

UniSee View in a nutshell

Are you in doubt that we have actually taken the LCD video wall viewing experience to a new level? Then watch this video, and convince yourself.

Product highlight
NoGap technology

Barco UniSee’s lack of metal bezels creates a virtually seamless canvas, to ensure the best possible and uninterrupted viewing experience avoiding information loss.

The extremely narrow intra-tile gap of Barco UniSee, ensures the best possible viewing experience. By freely distributing content over multiple tiles without interruption, you create a large canvas without visual information loss.

Most vibrant and true-to-life colors

Barco UniSee’s color accuracy is second to none, allowing you to display colors more brightly.

Great for dark backgrounds

The very high contrast of Barco UniSee makes sure there is no glowing effect of light content on static dark backgrounds.

Product highlight
Sense X automatic calibration

Shifts in brightness and colors naturally occur in video walls over time. This becomes far more noticeable as the seam width reduces. Sense X counters these shifts to create a perfectly balanced image at any time.

Using real-time sensors that continuously measure the color and brightness, and adjust as soon as necessary, Barco’s Sense X automatic calibration system ensures that the complete wall gives a perfectly balanced image at any time.

Perfect uniformity – no colorations in the edges

With Barco UniSee, Barco has completely re-engineered the design of the panels, countering all possible variations in brightness. The result is perfect intra-tile uniformity, never seen before on LCDs.

Suited for ambient light conditions

Barco UniSee delivers TYPICAL brightness levels of 800 or 500 NIT, giving you the needed power to optimize the ergonomics of the video wall to any lighting conditions – including ambient daylight. What’s more, ambient lighting reflections are minimized by the haze level of only 44%.