This is your new reading room.

Your reading room is about to change in ways you would never have expected.

One display.
Any image.

The only display explicitly designed for both PACS and mammography.
Unique in its representation of calibrated color and grayscales. Remarkable in its 2D and 3D capabilities.
Capable of both static and dynamic imaging. Together, these features will forever change the way you work.

Steady colors. Superb grays.

Everything you see on the big, 12 Megapixel screen – from grayscales to color-enhanced and fused modalities – is sharp and precise. That’s because every Coronis UnitiTM display is calibrated to meet the DICOM standard for grayscales, and to guarantee consistent, perceptually linear color – an industry first.

Read more about SteadyColorTM calibration technology >>


2D and 3D. Static and dynamic.

Experience the power of a feature-rich design and a strong engine that renders rich content, while enabling fast-paced, dynamic and 3D medical imaging. Choose from CT moving images, ultrasound, MRI/PET scans, multi-frame mammography, and digital breast tomosynthesis. As 3D capabilities detect more invasive cancers, reducing unnecessary recalls, Coronis UnitiTM is well-suited for the job.

Bring it all together.

No more straining to view different modality images on multiple monitors. Or, traveling down the hall to consult another display to complete a patient study. Now, it’s all at your fingertips, in perfect grayscale and bold, brilliant color.

Less is more.

Coronis UnitiTM delivers the first unified workflow – combining PACS and breast images on one workstation. It’s the solution that replaces all image reading configurations, eliminating the need for a multi-head display set-up or to move to another workstation to view additional exams. It’s the display your reading room – and your radiologists – deserve.

Easy on the eyes.

The largest form factor today to match your natural field of vision. Sharp as a tack with 12 million pixels of pinpoint precision. Ergonomics and performance features united to help you sail through your work day in comfort.

Big and beautiful.

Coronis UnitiTM is designed to mirror a human’s natural field of vision, featuring a unique aspect ratio, a 33” screen size, and Fusion form factor to create the perfect canvas for side-by-side comparison of multiple high-res images. This format minimizes head and eye movement and reduces the need for scaling and rearranging to complete studies more efficiently.

A 12-million pixel view.

Featuring 12MP resolution, the display presents images with crystal-clear precision on a large, flexible, bezel-free image area, providing an uninterrupted view of large images, numerous smaller studies, or various combinations and overlays in any layout desired.

Designed to perform.
Built to last.

Unique optical glass technology to increase image sharpness. One-of-a-kind color and grayscale calibration for consistent PACS and breast imaging. Automated QA for guaranteed top performance without interruptions.

Sight unseen.

Barco Optical Glass is a cutting-edge technology that reduces screen reflection, enhances image sharpness and hence viewing comfort. The multi-coated glass is highly durable, scratch-resistant, and protects the LCD panel from damage.

Peace and quiet.

Disturbing screen noise can flaw diagnostic decisions. By measuring and adjusting the luminance of each pixel, Coronis Uniti eliminates the slightest tint of noise and makes every pixel permanently DICOM-compliant to ensure consistent colors and grayscales.

A never-ending beauty.

Take care of the things you love! MediCal QAWebTM makes it easy. This cloud-based technology for automated calibration and Quality Assurance works with the patented I-GuardTM integrated front sensor to guarantee 24/7 compliance to medical standards while maximizing uptime of the display.

Spark your productivity.

Equipped with purpose-powered graphics cards to ensure high-speed image processing.
Film-like brightness at the touch of the ‘hot light’ button. Starring RapidFrameTM technology to scroll and cine through a stack of images rapidly without compromising quality.

Smooth sailing.

RapidFrameTM technology ensures crisp, in-focus moving images. Together with the ultra-fast transition speed of the LCD panel, subtle details are easier to detect as you effortlessly cine through images with no blurring to push your workflow as fast as you like.

Get it on film.

For your convenience, Coronis UnitiTM features a built-in light box to enable convenient viewing of 18x24 or 24x30 films, allowing you to compare current digital exams with film-based priors without leaving your workstation.

Purpose-powered boards.

MXRT equals unmatched processing power and precision, loading current and prior exams in no time. These display controllers fit the unique needs of medical imaging applications and support the latest OpenGL and DirectX programming interfaces. Powered by AMD FireProTM 3D technology to diagnose images with more speed than ever before.

Get into the driver’s seat.

Smart features to help you focus on the details. Bundled with a multi-touch pad for faster control. Integrated adjustable ambient lighting to make viewing comfy. Easily selectable color temperatures to suit the image. Your preferences, your rules.

Throttle your luminance.

Coronis UnitiTM features DuraLight BrillianceTM for exceptional brightness. The result is more JNDs to unveil more image details. The I-LuminateTM function even doubles the brightness – to more than 2000 nits – to get the most out of low-contrast details.


Elegant control.

SpotViewTM focuses light on things you want to view more closely. The SoftGlowTM task light sheds a light on your papers and film folders. And the SoftGlowTM wall light adds comforting ambient lighting to your reading room to reduce eye fatigue. An innovative touch pad gives you full control of features like SpotViewTM.

Choose your color.

Switch between Clear base and Blue base viewing modes on-the-fly. Whether to suit the image type or to change for different reading preferences, you decide which color you want and when.

Your reading room is about to change.

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