ClickShare Desktop App shows internet connection lost message


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The Desktop App can show the message Your internet connection will be lost:

Due to a bug in the recent firmware, the App prefers not to connect via the LAN port as it should, but instead directly to the ClickShare WiFi resulting in the above message, in the following situation:

  • ClickShare Base Unit running firmware version
  • ClickShare Base Unit has a corporate network connection via LAN.

A possible workaround to keep your connection to the corporate network while being able to use the desktop app to share is to manually type in the wired IP address of the base unit, instead of clicking the name in the list of available rooms. This wired IP is shown on the wallpaper by default.


This issue has been reloved in the firmware v1.9.2.12. Update your Base Unit with this firmware version to avoid seeing the warning message Your internet connection will be lost.



Última actualización Mar 27 2020

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