“You couldn’t ask for anything more”

Since 1998, the prestigious Virginia Commonwealth University School (VCU) of the Arts in Richmond, Virginia, has had a small sister: a campus in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Students at VCUQatar study for a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (fashion, graphic design or interior design and painting & printmaking) or in Art History or a Master’s degree in Design Studies.

“A good visualization solution is key for our graphic design students,” says James B. Parham, Chief Technology Officer at VCUQatar. So when, after eight years, the existing video wall approached end-of-life, Parham started scouring the market for a state-of-the-art alternative. “We needed a scalable and reliable solution that would serve us for many years on end. After comparing many different solutions, the Barco product offering came out tops. Once I had seen it at work at the Belgian showroom, I was convinced that Barco’s Galaxy NW-12 CADWall system was what we needed.”

The CADWall installed at the university includes two Galaxy NW-12 projectors and Barco’s XD-200 control system. The super-flat glass screen technology maximizes the image quality, resulting in excellent contrast levels, wide viewing angles and no hot spots. Parham is impressed with the brightness and high resolution of the solution: “This unit really is superior to the average video wall because it is capable of providing HI resolution and 3D functionality and it allows of multiple inputs and various simultaneous video outputs. What we really like too, is the seamless design: it looks like one, single screen and not cubes with gaps.”

The software makes it easy to show different presentations at the same time, and use the display to visualize the most diverse presentations: for students as well as for the many international events that the university organizes. “Everyone goes crazy over it. We really couldn’t ask for anything more,” Parham concluded.