This concept helps us rise miles above the competition.

Kristjan Kongo
CEO at Forum Cinemas

Can Barco’s laser technology truly add value for cinema exhibitors? We asked Kirstjan Congo, CEO at Forum Cinemas, and his customers. The answer was a resounding ‘YES’! “The laser projector that we integrated into our new, premium theater in Tallinn offers much greater value than expected,” Kirstjan Kongo confirmed. “Our audience is really enhusiastic about the unsurpassed image quality. With this topof- the-range theater, including laser technology, we can truly live our mission: to offer the very best cinema experience.” As we did not want to take Kirstjan’s words for granted, we launched a survey among the moviegoers in Tallin. The results are heartening!

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Puntos destacados:

Barco solution

  • Flagship Laser projector

Why Barco?

  • Image quality
  • Low TCO
  • Competitive advantage

The laser technology definitely produces a noticeably superior image.

Kristjan Kongo
CEO at Forum Cinemas