As people are increasingly concerned about keeping fit, the demand for lab services is on the rise around the world. In Estonia, the SYNLAB medical laboratory invests big to offer health centers, general practitioners and even individuals the best possible services. With 14 laboratories and blood sampling points across the country and plans to expand to Sweden, Norway and Latvia, SYNLAB is a leader in its market. So, when the headquarters moved to a new building in 2017, they absolutely wanted innovative audio-visual solutions to match their market leadership.

In our new head laboratory, we could not accept anything less than advanced IT and presentation solutions.

Gerly Kedelauk
Marketing Manager at SYNLAB
Wireless with unlimited compatibility
“SYNLAB is known as an innovative laboratory service provider. In our new, modern head laboratory, we could not accept anything less than advanced IT and presentation solutions. Cables, for example, had to go. They do not fit with our new Scandinavian minimalist-style building,” explains Gerly Kedelauk, Marketing Manager. SYNLAB went on a quest for an easy-to-use solution to present content across various screens and rooms used for trainings and TELCO meetings. Since employees and guests use different platforms, the solution had to be compatible with any system. Flexibility was another must, as SYNLAB frequently changes the configuration of its meeting rooms to fit the application.

Productive, collaborative meetings
The solution? Our ClickShare presentation and collaboration system. AV integration partner Võrguvara installed four ClickShare devices, much to the satisfaction of the users. SYNLAB now has a user-friendly, flexible wireless solution enabling users to present content across different rooms and different screens. Most importantly, meetings, trainings and events have become much more productive and collaborative!

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Barco solution

  • ClickShare presentation system 

Why Barco?

  • Ease of use
  • Flexible
  • Wireless