“From changing colors to moving visuals to 3D optical illusions, the installations around the city are made possible through Barco’s incomparable color, resolution and processing of its projectors”

Technical Direction Company (TDC)

From 25 May to 16 June 2018, Sydney Australia was awash in artistic and visually stunning light displays. In its 10th year Vivid Sydney, the world’s largest festival of light, attracted millions of visitors to its nightly celebration of music, ideas and light through large scale illuminations, laser lightshows and 3D mapped projections.

Barco selected for its projector capabilities

Event partner Technical Direction Company (TDC) utilized over 20 of Barco’s UDX laser projectors, in total 70 Barco projectors including HDX series and IP projectors. As the entertainment technology provider, TDC depended on Barco to provide the best projection solutions on the market. Using the latest projection technology meant brighter, crisper, better controlled light output, ensuring Vivid Sydney remains the premier festival of light. 

Diverse locations, buildings and artistic styles

The true scale of Barco’s capabilities was on display across the sails of the Sydney Opera House, the Custom House, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and other well-known architectural highlights. For over three weeks, a total of ten venues came alive with color and light every night to honor the ten-year celebration of the event. These venues provided grand backdrops to showcase projection visuals of various interactive and immersive designs.

Festival’s signature site featured artwork via Barco technology

From silly and fun to awe inspiring and mind bending, there was a wide range of artistic styles.  The Customs house featured beloved Australian characters Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, while the event highlight was the iconic Sydney Opera House. Australian artist Jonathan Zawada designed Metamathemagical to transform the opera house into a series of kinetic digital sculptures as laser-projected images were delivered onto the 9,000 square meter sails – the equivalent of four IMAX screens. Despite the scale of the project, the images remained crisp, vivid and impressive, thanks to Barco technology providing clarity and color fidelity.

Puntos destacados:

Barco Solution

  • UDX-4K32
  • HDX-4K20 FLEX
  • E2

  • S3-4K

  • EC-200

Why Barco?

  • Large scale illumination
  • Controlled light output
  • Brightness
  • Clarity
  • Color fidelity