The Radiology department at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital (TMDU) plays a vitally important role in assessing, diagnosing and monitoring patient health. CT, MRI and mammogram images need to be presented in high detail for examination, diagnosis and team discussion.

Coronis Uniti has a high brightness that even when the room is bright, we can still see the details clearly.

Dr. Kazunori Kubota
Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital

Although 4MP displays were in use, the quality was simply not of a high enough standard. TMDU decided not to return to the same supplier.

‘We wanted diagnostic displays that matched our specific requirements,’ explains Dr. Kazunori Kubota from TMDU. ‘Image quality was vitally important, as well as ergonomic design.  We wanted a brand we could trust. We already knew about Barco displays from colleagues in the industry. They spoke very highly of their unique solutions.’

Barco responded with three different solutions. The first of these was the Coronis Fusion 4MP. Designed specifically for presenting CT, MR, orthopedic and other images, it offers high brightness and a high contrast ratio. The unique SpotViewTM technology was particularly attractive for TMDU, as it allows the luminance in a region of interest to be raised while the surrounding image to be dimmed. This increases the focus on particular details for a more efficient examination.   

The Nio Color 5MP was designed for radiology and mammography, with bright, color calibrated and highly detailed image presentation. The high contrast ratio is perfect for discerning the most subtle image details, with the ability to present images in 2D and 3D. The display also offers ergonomic comfort, with different viewing angles possible for radiologists who want to angle it on their desktops.

TMDU also installed a Coronis Uniti medical display. Designed specifically for PACS and mammographic imaging, it is the first display calibrated to meet the DICOM standard for greyscales and guarantee consistent perceptually linear color. At the same time, it reduces reflection and offers a wide viewing angle, perfect for consultations and team discussions.

Puntos destacados:

Barco Solutions

  • Coronis Fusion 4MP
  • Nio Color 5MP
  • Coronis Uniti

Why Barco?

  • Superior quality images
  • High brightness and high contrast ratio
  • Unique SpotViewTM technology

Coronis Uniti also has a ultra sharp image and we can see suspect lesion easily.

Dr. Kazunori Kubota
Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital