Videlio tested ClickShare Conference before adding it to their current portfolio. It makes hybrid meetings secure, simple and wireless for them and all their customers.

The user experience is fundamental, if you press a Button, it needs to work without having to wait 10' for the meeting to start.

Guillaume du Roure
Managing Director of Videlio
By integrating ClickShare Conference into its range of solutions set, integrator of audiovisual technologies Videlio chose to offer its customers a flexible and  agnostic wireless conferencing solution whatever the collaboration platform used in the meeting room. Simple, easy, wireless. That’s how ClickShare Conference shares the apps from the user’s laptop on the room display and connects them to the camera and speakers in the room for better hybrid meetings.

Videlio is an integrator of audiovisual technologies, based in Gennevilliers close to Paris. The company expertise essentially relies on three main characteristics: digital collaboration, digital work environment and digital content. Videlio was among the first integrators to experience thes new range of ClickShare Conference since the French company was beta-tester and has been a historical partner of Barco for over 10 years now.

The keyword is efficiency 

“Choosing ClickShare Conference means having access to a wireless conferencing solution that is accessible, and agnostic whatever the collaboration platform, be it Microsoft Teams, Cisco, Zoom or Cloud,” says Guillaume du Roure, Managing Director of Videlio. “The user experience is fundamental, if you press a Button, you need to be able to start your meeting and share content without having to wait 10 minutes.

For an audiovisual technologies integrator company, ClickShare Conference is a very attractive solution because of its ease-of-use: “It is the simplest, most secure and reliable solution to easily access a hybrid meeting. No cables. Users wirelessly share content in the room and connect to USB camera and speakers for engaged conferencing No software needed, no touch panels to control, no settings to be managed. It’s one and the same, 1-click user experience in all meeting rooms.”

The need for collaboration is getting more and more important

According to the Managing Director of Videlio, there is an even greater need for collaboration and conferencing today. The employee himself decides to use a lot more collaborative tools wherever he is.

While working and collaborating via your own tablet, mobile or laptop is quite common practice in enterprises nowadays, this new era of BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) marks the beginning of a new, more dynamic workplace experience. “The challenge for an integrator like Videlio is to be able to develop solutions that are simple, accessible to everyone and that are reliable over time.” says Guillaume du Roure.

Puntos destacados:

  • Simplest, most secure and reliable solution to easily engage in a hybrid meeting
  • Connects any laptop wirelessly to the meeting room peripherals

Today ClickShare Conference is the simplest, most secure and reliable solution to easily engage in a hybrid meeting.

Guillaume du Roure
Managing Director of Videlio