19 nov. 2012

HDQ-2K40 projectors enliven the impressive décor for Symphonica in Rosso concerts

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In its seventh year now, the recent ‘Symphonica in Rosso’ musical event in Arnhem (the Netherlands) was, again, no less than a resounding success. Its secret? A unique concept and atmosphere, the great live performance of this year’s headliner - the legendary Dutch 80s band Doe Maar - and ... Barco’s HDQ-2K40 projectors. The brand-new ultra-bright projectors were installed by Creative Technology Holland to visualize images onto a transparent screen of 72 by 12 meters.


'Symphonica in Rosso’ is the largest and most spectacular annual entertainment concept in the Benelux. It breaks with the tradition of typical live concerts to entertain fans with a rich, multi-sensory mix of perfectly orchestrated elements. Barco helps the organizers achieve that aim. “We’ve been using Barco products since the very beginning,” said Jeroen Jongenelen, General Manager of AV supplier Creative Technology (CT) Holland. “In an effort to raise the bar once more, we decided to use the brand-new, ultra-bright HDQ-2K40 projectors this time.”

CT Holland was proud to be one of the first AV experts to install Barco’s brand-new HDQ-2K40 projectors, in cooperation with AED Display. A Barco Encore system ensured a seamless picture of live feeds and graphics, as a backdrop to the concerts. “With red being the dominant color – in décor, lighting, clothing, etc. – in the venue, it is not easy to project bright images and ensure color uniformity. Barco’s 40,000 lumens projector, however, was perfectly up to the job. On top of that, the new operating platform allowed us to project downwards, at an oblique angle,” Jongenelen continued. “Last but not least, I want to highlight that Barco’s support services really add value to their products.”

Barco helped ensure an unforgettable experience for 30,000 concert-goers. “It was great to see how the team managed to realize this challenging set-up. Everyone did a great job,” said Jeroen Boere, Project Manager, Creative Technology Holland.