1 jul. 2020

Webinar Highlights: The business impact of technology stress in the meeting

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Barco's Lieven Bertier talks on the business impact of technology stress in the meetings and introduces you to ClickShare & ClickShare Conference products that can help you get those stress levels down in any meeting room. If you missed our free webinar, no worries, we noted down these key takeaways for you!

Having trouble connecting to the meeting screen in a team meeting? Difficulties with the setup of the remote call with your boss? Your video is not showing properly or the audio in your conf call is really bad.

Your stress levels are rising, your blood is pumping, your heart rate goes up...

Sounds familiar, right?


“9 in 10 employees experience seriously elevated stress levels when dealing with troublesome technology during meetings.”


That’s what Barco’s researches on Meeting stress unveiled. And recently we’ve added a new type of meeting stress to our list. Dealing with the new ways of remote and hybrid meetings and the tech issues these bring, is no different. Learn about the consequences meeting stress has for your employees, your business. How can you address these issues as best as possible? Can technology become a friend instead of an enemy?

4 scenarios of how people respond stressful to new tech entering their lives

1. Invasion: technology & devices are taking over your life and it's making you feel quite angry.

2. Overload: you simply can't keep up with all these tasks & interruptions by mail, notifications, platforms...

3. Complication: tech is too difficult to use and not intuitive, you need training.

4. Uncertainty: is this really how this tech is supposed to work? Sometimes you're not sure how to handle new devices & tools.

A simple conclusion, people struggle with new tech entering their lives. Compexity, overload... tech brings stress.

Tech stress is not new, but its impact has increased

Since meetings are at the heart of a business and collaboration is crucial in any enterprise, it's no surprise that technology can lead to stressful, disfunctional settings in the meeting room too. From Barco research we found out that no less than 87% of people experience technology-related stress in meetings. And on average an IT department gets 11 tickets related to issues with meeting room tech. a week What is causing this anxiety?

  • Is everybody able to connect?
  • Can I connect to meeting room technology?
  • Will tech not fail?
  • Can I share content flawlessly?
  • Will I be able to connect with my device to the meeting tech?

Both from researches that questioned meeting room users as IT professionals, it's clear that complexity of technology & tech-unsavviness are main drivers for meeting room stress. And the impact of meetings and presentations going wrong can be quite high:

  • 70% say it causes frustration
  • 1 in 4 have missed deadlines
  • 12% report on loss of business
  • 41% links tech failure directly to loss of meeting engagement
Easier and better tech is the solution

Investing in tech that easier-to-use and quicker-to-setup is the main concern for IT managers nowadays. Requirements are also:

  • 54% wants a wireless solution
  • 1 in 2 wants tech compatible with any device
  • 47% wants tech that works with a click of a Button 

When looking for new workplace technologies for the hybrid work environment, IT managers need to keep these requirements in mind. Look for solutions that are secure, flexible, intuitive, always available and that your users are actually are going to use!

Watch the webinar now 

If you want to know more detailed information about how easy and secure sharing data with wireless conferencing and collaboration can be, here's a full recording of the webinar.