Apr 10, 2019

How much does a ClickShare cost?

ClickShare 2 lectura mínima last updated on: Jul 01, 2020

When buying technology these days, it’s important to consider the total cost of ownership. Hidden costs, extra subscriptions, you don’t expect any additional surprises when making a substantial investment to boost collaboration and efficiency in your enterprise.

As part of its commitment to business, ClickShare is straightforward in its pricing. ClickShare customers not only receive free quarterly firmware updates but also complimentary management tools like Button Manager and XMS Cloud Management Platform, a management tool to securely configure and manage your ClickShare devices remotely – and conveniently.

Here’s the total cost of ownership for ClickShare for the standard three-year warranty period of your ClickShare unit (with the option to extend this for another two years):

  Three-year TCO 
ClickShare CS-100 Huddle  750 EUR/USD 
ClickShare CS-100  1.000 EUR/USD 
ClickShare CSE-200  1.750 EUR/USD 
ClickShare CSE-200+  2.250 EUR/USD 
ClickShare CSE-800  3.950 EUR/USD 


In addition find the total cost of ownership of wireless conferencing range,  ClickShare  Conference with a standard five-year warranty period of your unit, since SmartCare is included in the purchase. SmartCare can be activated by registering your device:

Five-year TCO
ClickShare CX-20               1.950 EUR/USD
ClickShare CX-30 2.450 EUR/USD
ClickShare CX-50 2.950 EUR/USD


When comparing ClickShare to wireless presentation and collaboration systems of competitors, it is good to look at the complete picture. Maintenance on our units is quick, easy and seamless thanks to our XMS Cloud Management Platform. No need to hire extra IT resource for extra support or service. Next to that, ClickShare is an enterprise-grade solution, so security is impeccable, its processes and workflows were tested and guaranteed by the ISO27001 certification.  Other solutions might have security breaches, resulting to costs for your company, running up into the millions… And finally, don’t forget to add the subscriptions, warranty fees and update fees to the original - seemingly lower – cost of competitor solutions. You’re in for a surprise, that’s for sure…

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