Acerca de Dust Filter Box for iQ (Pro) Series

Barco’s Dust Filter Box, available as an option to the iQ (Pro) Series, eliminates dust on the optical components of a projector and extends the lifetime of the consumable elements

Barco’s Dust Filter Box is available as an option to the iQ (Pro) projector series. The Filter Box pre-filters the air towards the projector, and creates several important benefits: 
• Elimination of dust on the optical components of the projector 
• Optimised cooling 
• Extended lifetime of consumable elements inside the projector

Barco’s Dust Filter Box is completely controlled by the projector, and will adjust its activity level to the mode of the projector (i.e. lower activity during stand-by compared to during operation).

For both rear and front projection applications, the Dust Filter Box will result in less maintenance interventions and an improved Total Cost-of-Ownership.

In rear projection configurations, the Filter Box is mostly integrated in the rear construction. In front applications, it typically resides in a lowered ceiling.

The Dust Filter Box is designed to work with Barco’s innovative iQ (Pro) projector series.
You can choose from a wide range of iQ and iQ Pro LCD projectors, depending on your application and needs. The iQ (Pro) Series is known for its advanced networkability and integrated features like picture-in-picture, seamless source switching and an intelligent dual-lamp design. Having received 5 Top Industry Awards during 2002 for innovation and image quality, it is a recommended projector series for collaborative meetings and convincing presentation in any meeting area, from executive boardrooms up to auditoriums.

Dust Filter Box for iQ (Pro) Series

Dust Filter Box for iQ (Pro) Series
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