iD R600+

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Acerca de iD R600+

This product is available only for the Korean, Indian and Chinese markets.

High brightness and high-resolution, combined with the robustness of a single-chip DLP™ solution make the iD R600+  a perfect solution for intensive-use applications in bright environments such as hotels, museums, corporate imaging applications, boardrooms, conference centers or casinos. Its sealed optical engine makes the projector's insides dust-proof and further enhances its long lifespan.

This 6,000 ANSI lumens projector generates a bright SXGA+ video image on a 4:3 canvas, with a contrast ratio of more than 1500:1. BrilliantColor™ processing technology dramatically improves color reproduction. Its advanced picture-in-picture functionality for displaying multiple sources, both video and data, allows you to display multiple sources simultaneously. If your application specifically needs a multi-screen setup, Barco can offer you tailor-made and cost-competitive solutions. 


Connect to virtually anything
The iD R600+ can show up to 2 data and 1 video sources at the same time, without optional input boards.

Seamless source switching
Switch sources on-the-fly without distracting on-screen warning messages or irritating intervals. Go from a video to a data image in a snap, or use the special transition effects.

Dual-lamp redundancy for intensive use

  • The iD R600+ comes with an advanced dual-lamp system for ultimate reliability. In dual lamp mode, the iD R600+ features a 1500-hour lamp life. In single lamp mode, operation time is doubled (3000 hours), while the projector still offers sufficient brightness.
  • A reliable projector concept!
    Dual lamp operation. If one lamp reaches the end of its lifetime or if it fails for any reason, the second lamp will keep on running to avoid interrupting a critical presentation.
    Single lamp operation. In case of unexpected failure when in single mode the switch to the second lamp will be done very fast, without going into standby mode.
  • Smart switching between lamps in single lamp operation!
    The iD R600+ keeps track of the runtime of the lamps. It assigns one lamp until this one has been playing a total of about 100 hours. After playing 100 hours, the projector will switch to the other lamp, this way alternating between the two lamps. As both lamps reach end-of-life simultaneously, you can replace both lamps at the same moment, saving maintenance time.
    Note: If the lamp reaches 100 hrs during a presentation the projector will wait for the next start-up to switch to the second lamp.







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